DCI offers design, engineering, testing, monitoring, and full service and repair in Intercom, CCTV for security monitoring of facilities and properties, access control, monitoring systems, TV backbone wiring, two-way communication phone/cameras for secure access, and area of refuse call systems. We operate 24/7 and provide a trained staff for repairs or scheduled maintenance. We are just a phone call away.

Nurse Call Systems

DCI offers nurse call systems for the healthcare industry. These systems range from small basic call systems to hospital-grade. Our services include system design, installation, service and maintenance. Wireless nurse call systems are also available.

Phone & Data Systems

DCI offers wiring and cabling services for phone and data systems. These services include backbone wiring to accommodate multiple systems (CAT5, CAT6).

Access Control

Maintaining a key inventory can become quite demanding. Sometimes it is only a couple of doors you are dealing with, or maybe you have thirty or even a hundred and thirty. If a key is lost or stolen, you may have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get your facilities re-keyed. With access control, you only have to make a program change. In some companies identity is an issue, or you want to give privileged access to certain areas while restricting access to others. With an access control system, you are able to provide an identification card to your personnel with a picture on it so others know whom they are working with and if someone is in an unauthorized area.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System Equipment

DCI works hand-in-hand with companies that lead the market in closed circuit television system equipment development and manufacturing. Cameras can be used in many ways to help monitor, track, and deter unwanted actions. They also differ in many ways for different applications – fixed, controllable (PTZ), indoor, exterior, covert, vandal resistant, day/night and so-on. By adding a multitude of available features to the camera system, you have the ability to expand as you budget allows. From a smaller-less expensive system for a convenience store, to an enterprise type system that would be found in an airport, R&L has the ability to get it done. Cameras are the visible portion of the system, the part of the system that the public sees.


Intercommunication can provide you and your people a higher productive way to handle the menial task of finding out who is outside your door wanting access to you place of business or unlocking a door to let the delivery person in the back door. DCI can show you how simple this is for the single door system, and help design a system to meet you needs in a large facility – even when it is spread over a campus or across the country. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to get up from your computer, or put that important phone call on hold while you run to the door and check to see that someone has left a brochure hanging there.